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The 2022 Tax Notices will be mailed out at the end of May. Please note, property owners are responsible for payment of the 2022 property taxes regardless of whether or not a notice is received. If you have not received your notice by mid-June, please contact the Village Office at 250-283-2202 for assistance. Reminder that we have updated to a combined notice. A postmark is not valid as a date of payment.

New owners should ensure taxes are paid on their property. If there is any doubt, please call the Village at 250-283-2202.

Payment Options

Payment options are limited to:
Mail (Canada Post): PO Box 610, Gold River, BC V0P 1G0
Mail slot (at the Village Office 499 Muchalat Dr), Monday-Friday during regular business hours 9am-5pm
- Postmarks will not be accepted as date of payment
- DO NOT mail or place cash in the Village mail slot
Online Credit Cards through the secure OptionPay System (with applicable third party fees)
Online Visa Debit Card and Mastercard Debit Card through secure OptionPay System (program launched by Visa and MasterCard has allowed OptionPay to offer their Municipality partners the ability to accept Visa Debit and MasterCard Debit Cards for a flat fee of $2 per transaction up to $500. Multiply transactions permitted ie. to pay $2,000 do 4 $500 transactions for a total fee of $8.00)

Payment Methods

Cheque: payable to Village of Gold River (post dated cheques are acceptable)
Debit Card: at Village office
Money Order: available at Canada Post
Bank Draft: available at most financial institutions
Mortgage Company: contact your mortgage company for further information
RBC bank transfer: in-person at RBC only, call the Village office for this option (250-283-2202)
Credit Cards (with applicable third party fees)

  • We are unable to accept any form of online banking or telephone bank payments at this time
  • We are now accepting online credit cards through the secure OptionPay System (with applicable third party fees)

10% will be added to total outstanding current 2022 taxes after July 4, 2022.  Home Owner Grants unclaimed by penalty date are classed as unpaid taxes.

Property Tax Deferment Program

Property tax deferment is a provincial low-interest loan program that helps qualified homeowners pay their annual property taxes on their principal residence

Program information is available at: Contact Tax Deferment office for more information and for all questions

Applications and renewals are completed online
Due date is July 4, 2022

  • Village office no longer accepts deferment applications or renewals
  • DO NOT wait to apply or renew
  • You cannot defer your taxes if you have arrears or delinquent taxes owing

Remember: if deferring your taxes, you still need to claim your Home Owner Grant (if eligible) and pay the utilities portion of your tax notice.

Delinquent Taxes & Annual Tax Sale
  • Properties with delinquent taxes will be sold at 10:00 am September 26, 2022 unless the delinquent taxes with interest are sooner paid

The tax sale is a public auction of properties within a municipality which have outstanding property taxes from two years prior to the current year.

The tax sale is held annually on the last Monday of September at 10 am in the Municipal Hall of each municipality in BC.  Notice of the time and place of the tax sale, the legal description and street address of each property subject to tax sale are published in at least two issues of a local newspaper just prior to the sale in September.  The municipality makes no representation expressed or implied as to the condition or quality of the properties offered for sale.

The lowest amount for which a property may be sold at tax sale is the upset price.  The upset price is the sum of all the property taxes outstanding at the date of the tax sale, plus all applicable penalties and interest, plus an additional 5% of all taxes, penalties and interest, plus all applicable Land Title Act Fees.  The highest bidder above the upset price must be declared the purchaser.

A municipal council may designate a bidder on behalf of the municipality.  If there is no bid, the municipality must be declared the purchaser.  The purchaser may pay the amount of the purchase price by the designated time on the tax sale date to the collector.

During the period allowed for redemption, a tax sale property must continue to be assessed and taxed in the owner's name.  A tax sale property may be redeemed from tax sale within one year of the date of the tax sale.  During the redemption period the owner retains the right to possession of the tax sale property.  On redemption of the tax sale property, the successful bidder is entitled to receive all amounts paid together with prescribed interest.  Upon receipt of a notice of non-redemption by the Land Title Office, the property is conveyed to the purchaser.

The purchase of a tax sale property is subject to tax under the Property Transfer Tax Act on the fair market value of the property at the time of the conveyance.

The Village of Gold River Annual Tax Sale will be held on Monday, September 26, 2022 at 10:00 am in Council Chambers, at the Village Office, 499 Muchalat Drive, Gold River BC.  The Notice of Tax Sale will be published in accordance with the Council Procedure Bylaw.

For more information on tax sales please contact the Village Office at (250) 283-2202 or email

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