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Supportive Housing Strategy

The Village of Gold River has been developing the case for a supportive housing solution with assistance from Providence Health Care, M’akola Housing Society, and M’akola Development Services. Senior’s housing and supportive housing has been on Council’s radar for the past several years with many discussions taking place with various provincial entities. One of the major problems that has been noted with seniors living in community is the lack of support services available requiring some residents to move into long-term care prematurely, or move to a larger community to access these services.

The Goal of this project is to create supportive housing that will allow seniors to stay in their community of choice and offer services that support independence. This paper proposes that a 20-unit non-profit housing complex be developed with some hospitality services being offered on an as needed basis. At this stage in the process, the case has been outlined, and has been shared with our MLA, the Ministers of Housing and Health, BC Housing, and BC’s Seniors Advocate. The Village has been working with the province to identify grant funding that could help make this project a reality.

Staff report with housing strategy paper below: 

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