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Heber Fire Update

Status update on the Heber River Fire.

It has grown to 120 hectares and it’s NOT moving closer to the community at this time. Originally it was a ‘Monitor Fire’ because it was burning in inaccessible and unsafe terrains. 20 personnel from the Salish Unit Crew are enroute to the Quinsam Fire Base so you’ll start to be seeing helicopters and personnel attacking this fire but that is because it is moving closer to timber values NOT because it is moving closer to Gold River. No critical infrastructure or lives are at risk, nor are they predicted to be in the future from this fire. Forecast shows rain in the future.

Below are some frequently asked questions I’ve noticed, but only because I saw them on this Facebook page, not because anyone contacted the emergency program directly.

When will we know if we have to evacuate?

If there is any indication that a wildfire may be a concern to lives or critical infrastructure BC Wildfire Service personnel will contact Gold River and Strathcona RD emergency personnel to inform them of the situation. In this case, this has not happened because there was never a prediction that lives or critical infrastructure would be at risk from this wildfire. If a wildfire, or any emergency situation, requires the community to take protective actions our most immediate dissemination method is our Alertable mass notification system and you can sign up for free at If you had an account with our previous Connect Rocket system your account has been transferred over to Alertable. Alertable also has a wonderful App that everyone should please download to their cellphone (if you have one of course). RCMP and Search and Rescue are the organizations tasked with delivering door-to-door evacuation notices if we ever get to that point to ensure no one is missed.

The emergency program also maintains community group email lists to send out weather alerts that are rated FYI or above (the four categories being FYI, Significant, Severe and Extreme), as well as upcoming training and news related to the emergency program. Let me know if you would you like me to add your email to my Gold River emergency group email list. All group emails are sent BCC so information is kept confidential.


Where can I get updated information?

Your best source is always the authority that has jurisdiction over the event, which in this case is BC Wildfire. You can call the Coastal Fire Centre information line at 250-951-4209 or visit their Wildfires of Note website


How can I help?

Please seriously consider joining the Gold River Fire Department, Emergency Support Services or Emergency Communications Team.


What is the risk of wildfire in Gold River?

You can view Gold River’s Community Wildfire Protection Plan at this link as well as a complementary YouTube educational video summarizing the CWPP


Where can I learn more about Evacuation Stages?

Visit If anyone is ever placed under an Evacuation Alert we will provide the attached list of protective actions they can consider taking to better protect their home and property from wildfire damage.


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