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Gerry Morgan Memorial Centre

The Gerry Morgan Memorial Centre is the community home for the ice rink and curling rink. In addition, the centre has a lounge, community hall and a kitchen.

Anne Fiddick Aquatic Centre

The Anne Fiddick Aquatic Centre hosts a leisure pool and a 25-metre competitive pool. The leisure pool has a lazy river and waterfall umbrella. The centre also provides the community with a sauna, Jacuzzi, weight room, cardio room, squash and racquetball courts as well as a meeting room.


Q: How does the new schedule work?

A: Aquatic Centre opening times have been divided into blocks which are reservable in advance, 1 hour and 15 minute blocks on weekdays and 1 hour blocks on the weekend. Drop In’s will no longer be accommodated at this time. The time slots are as follows:

Mon-Fri Booking Blocks:




Saturday/ Sunday Booking Blocks:





Q: How Do I Book?

A: You can call the Aquatic Centre at 250-283-2216, or email to reserve a time slot. All bookings must be done 48 hours in advance at minimum, and you cannot book farther ahead then 1 week in advance.

Q: How does booking the fitness facilities work?

A: The weight room and cardio room can be booked separately or together. The maximum occupancy in each room at any given time is for 1 person in each fitness room, or 1 household bubble as defined by the provincial health orders.

Q: How are the pools separated for bookings?

A: The leisure pool and main pool are now booked separately for usage. There will be a maximum of 1 household bubble in the leisure pool per time slot. And a maximum of 2 household bubbles in the main pool at a time.

Q: Can I go between pools when I come in swimming?

A: No, you must stay in the pool that you have booked. The only shared area will be the hot tub, whereby 1 household bubble at a time will be allowed to use the hot tub.

Q: Will the sauna be available to use?

A: No, the sauna will be closed at this time.

Q: Can I book both pools at the same time?

A: No, you can only book 1 pool per time slot. However, you could book the leisure pool for 1 time slot, and the main pool for the following time slot.

Q: Can I still drop off my kids to go swimming by themselves?

A: No. Minimum age to swim by yourself in the pool is now 19. Children must come in with an adult in their immediate household in order to use the facility.

Q: What is the minimum age to use the gym and cardio room?

A: You must be 13 years of age at minimum to book the gym and cardio room.

Q: Are face masks now mandatory?

A: Yes, face masks are now mandatory to enter the facility. Face masks must be worn in all common areas including change rooms. Face masks may be taken off when engaged in physical activity in the fitness rooms, and when entering the pool to swim.

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