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The Village of Gold River issues a number of business licences and permits every year. These cover everything from mobile vendors to home-based businesses to store front business.

Along with business licences, there are additional permits and licences that residents and visitors may require. Frequently requested licences and permits are listed below.

Backyard Campfire Permit

Under the Open Fire Regulation Bylaw No. 718, 2019, no person shall start or maintain an open fire, or cause or allow an open fire to be started or maintained without first obtaining a permit from the Village of Gold River.

Charcoal, pellet, natural gas or propane gas fires contained within barbecues or other approved appliances are permitted.

Backyard campfires, fire pits, chimineas and outdoor fireplaces not fueled by either natural gas or propane are required to be registered and comply with all the regulations. Failure to register a backyard campfire may result in a fine and the revocation of the issued permit. Open Fire permits may only be issued/revoked by either the Village of Gold River Fire Chief or the Chief Administrative Officer.

Burning of construction waste, garbage, noxious materials and yard debris is strictly prohibited. Burn permits will not be approved for burning of such material under any circumstances.

Construction waste, garbage, noxious materials and yard debris must be deposited at the Depot-Transfer Station.

Open Burning Brochure

Backyard Campfire Registration Form

Building Permits

Every owner, or his or her agent, shall obtain a permit required in connection with the any proposed construction prior to commencing construction on his or her real property.

All construction must conform to the current:

Agent Authorization Form

Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish

Obtain a Building Permit

Business Licence

The Village of Gold River Business Licence Bylaw No. 735, 2021 states that resident and non-resident businesses operating within our boundaries must have a valid and current business licence. A business licence is your formal permission to operate a business within the Village of Gold River.

Persons are deemed to be carrying on a business if they are involved in any of the following activities:

Dealing in, buying, selling, bartering, renting, or displaying any commodity for profit or gain; Advertising a business; and Rendering or offering to render professional, personal, contractual, or other services for profit or gain.

Prior to commencing business in the Village of Gold River, a business licence must be obtained. If your business is located in the Village, your business licence must be posted on the premises in a conspicuous place at all times. If you are a non-resident, you must carry a licence while conducting business within Gold River.

The Village supports local merchants by encouraging the use of local suppliers and by purchasing locally, where all things are equal. All businesses doing business within the Village of Gold River or for the Village of Gold River must have a valid business licence.

Application for a Business Licence

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