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COVID-19 Vaccination

Island Health has announced community clinic locations. In addition, approximately 30 small and remote communities will be vaccinated in a whole community approach. Depending on the size of the community this may result in the entire adult population of the community having the opportunity to be vaccinated during a single visit to the community (in one day or on consecutive days), or over two visits.

Gold River is one of the listed communities where Island Health will be taking a whole community approach to vaccination.
Residents who live independently but have no way to get to a clinic can mention this when booking an appointment and Island Health’s home immunization team will support them.

For residents over age 80, if the whole community approach clinic is not scheduled prior to April 12th, Island Health will ensure you have the opportunity to be vaccinated in/close to the community prior to April 12th. Please contact the Island Health call centre during the week that you are eligible for your age group.

Registration opens March 8 for B.C.’s first age-based population cohort – Indigenous people age 65 and over and Elders, and non-Indigenous people age 90 and over. People aged 85 and older can call to book an appointment starting March 15, and people aged 80 and older can book beginning March 22.

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