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Snow and Ice Control

The intent of Snow and Ice Control Operations is to maintain municipal streets and sidewalks in a safe and passable condition. Snow and Ice Control services are not intended to eliminate all hazardous conditions on municipal streets or sidewalks at all times. They are intended to assist vehicles which are properly equipped for winter driving and being operated in a manner consistent with good winter driving habits and maintain safe and passable walking conditions (which may not always be on sidewalks) for pedestrians in winter footwear.

What triggers snow clearing?

Snow clearing operations on municipal streets normally will be initiated when approximately 10 centimeters (four (4) inches) of snow has fallen, or when lesser snowfall is causing dangerous conditions as determined by the employee in charge. The weather conditions may impact the timing of the decision to initiate or delay plowing.

What about sidewalks?

Sidewalks will be plowed after roadways have been cleared to a reasonable standard. Sidewalks in the areas of schools, the Health Clinic, Matchlee Bridge and the Village Office (Monday to Friday) will be plowed first. Sidewalks and walkways in all other areas will be plowed as work schedules permit. Some walkways and stairways may be closed at the discretion of the Village until resources are available to clear these areas to a reasonable standard. The Village does not normally utilize overtime for clearing sidewalks and walkways.

Snow Plowing Priorities

Under normal winter conditions there will be situations when the immediate demand for Snow and Ice Control services will exceed the available resources.

In order to maximize the benefits of operations, Snow and Ice Control forces shall conduct operations according to the following priorities:

First Priority:

  • emergency routes
  • steep hills

Second Priority:

  • arterial roads
  • collector roads

Third Priority:

  • local roads
  • sidewalks and walkways
  • cul-de-sacs
  • parking lots

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