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Notice to Update Council Procedure Bylaw

In accordance with Section 124(3) of the Community Charter, notice is hereby given that the Council of the Village of Gold River intends to consider substituting “Council Procedure Bylaw No. 639, 2004” with “Council Procedure Bylaw No 733, 2021.
In general terms, the proposed procedure bylaw will change as follows:

  • With the change in election date, the inaugural meeting section is updated to remove reference to December and re-word to the first Monday in the month following a general local election.
  • Modify the regular council meeting schedule to reflect current practice of one meeting in the months of July, August and December.
  • Remove the section regarding annual meeting as this is mandated by the Community Charter and not necessary within a procedure bylaw.
  • Revised the electronic meetings section to incorporate the recent changes in the Community Charter for electronic meetings. Changes would be to allow for electronic meetings for regular council, special council and committee meetings. Further, the development of an electronic meeting policy to provide further guidance for electronic meetings has been developed.
  • Changes to agenda submission deadline be changed to noon from 5pm. This change would allow for additional time to permit proper review of submitted information prior to placing on the agenda so that the agenda can be made available for Council and the public by Friday afternoon. The same change of deadline would be made for delegation requests so that they align with the agenda preparation process.
  • Changes were also done to update and provide further guidance regarding public hearings.
  • Housekeeping changes have also been done such as, updating of legislative references within the procedure bylaw to reflect the changes done by the province in the enabling legislation.

A copy of “Council Procedure Bylaw No. 733, 2021″ is available for viewing here or in person, Monday through Friday, except Statutory Holidays, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. at the Village Office, 499 Muchalat Drive, Gold River BC, V0P 1G0 (250) 283-2202.

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